a life of
timeless beauty
It’s no secret that beautiful underpins everything that we do at ADA – we are renowned the world over for creating exceptional aquascapes. It has been a part of our story ever since our founding in 1982 and it’s everywhere you look when you experience ADA.
compels us
Something that is beautiful, however fleeting, leaves a lasting impression. For millennia ‘beautiful’ has been the fuel of the world’s artists, designers, poets, conservationists and architects. That love of beauty drives ADA, too. Just as an artist might be inspired to paint, or a musician to write a tune, beauty inspires us to craft the most beautiful nature aquariums in the world.
where it began
Takashi Amano was a visionary who, through his intimate knowledge of nature, intense curiosity and ability to think differently, endowed his aquascapes with their fundamental technical and aesthetic characteristics and set the way for his company’s long-lasting success.
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nature aquarium festival
Bringing to you yet again, the one and only Nature Aquarium Festival. Come learn, meet, get mesmerized and celebrate your love for Nature. We believe that it is important for people to connect with Nature in these testing times.
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