Land of the Rising Sun
October 31, 2018
The Nature Aquarium Festival was held to celebrate the artistic expression of Nature – Aquascaping in India
April 16, 2019

Why Are We Drawn to Beauty? – Mark Raja


Recently, I had a wonderful opportunity to speak on this topic to some amazing aquascapers from all over India at the ADA [Aqua Design Amano] nature aquarium festival, Bangalore. Aquascapers with great passion bring their imagination, craftsmanship, knowledge, patience, care and hope to recreate some beautiful pieces of nature in aquariums, ponds and even small containers. They use materials like plants, rocks, driftwood, sand, substrate, etc., to create them and add fish, shrimps, snails etc to create an ecosystem. They do this just out of their love for nature. Aquascaping is art-making, too.

As a hobby aquascaper myself, I long to fill my eyes with the gift of beauty aquascapes offer. All that is required to enjoy this beauty is to calm down and without any utilitarian goal, focus all my senses to receive what these offer. It is always satisfying, and I never get bored. It is a perpetual novelty. Though you always see something

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