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August 25, 2015
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Precautions to users of CO2 Starter Kit


As stated in the manual, follow the instructions below to attach the CO2 BOTTLE to CO2 regulator.

○Hold the CO2 regulator upward (with the regulator‘s CO2 BOTTLE attaching portion facing downward) and screw in the CO2 BOTTLE firmly.

*Screw in the CO2 BOTTLE in the direction of arrow on the bottom of CO2 regulator.
*Never allow the CO2 regulator to face sideways or downwards while holding it in order to avoid a malfunction. Be careful not to block the purge hole with your hand.
*Never use the CO2 regulator with CO2 BOTTLE attached lying on its side. This may cause the regulator to malfunction.


As mentioned above, be sure to hold the CO2 regulator upward (in a vertical position) to attach the CO2 BOTTLE. Never allow the CO2 regulator to face sideways or downwards when attaching the CO2 BOTTLE. Be sure to place the CO2 BOTTLE upright on the CO2 Bottle Stand to use it.

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